There are various types of managed computer support available for companies ranging from basic computer support to specialized needs of every kind. These services normally require basic training on how to utilize a particular computer system. For companies dealing with sensitive information or highly confidential projects, it is important to have a managed support service that is capable of protecting its customers’ private data and communications. A good IT Management Basics training should teach the different types of services that are available to companies, their specific needs and the tools necessary for efficiently managing these services. This would help companies make an informed decision when selecting the right managed support services.

Among the many managed services offered by managed IT support services, one of the most common is the onsite technician support. An onsite technician support is designed to offer assistance in performing troubleshooting tasks for your computer and solving some problems that may arise. Usually, these services would cover basic maintenance operations like installation of new software, disk cleaning and other processes. With onsite technician support, companies do not have to hire extra personnel to perform these functions. They also save money since there is no need to pay for an extra computer technician.

Onsite technical support technicians are especially useful to companies which employ network technology. Network technicians are the ones who provide online computer troubleshooting and maintenance services for personal computers and corporate networks. Onsite technicians are proficient in using a wide range of technical tools and devices that include antivirus programs, intrusion detection systems, intrusion alarms, firewalls, routers, security systems and other hardware and software applications. They are also trained to use technical manuals and to perform troubleshooting tasks.

Common Tasks For MSP Technicians

Onsite managed services technicians are most commonly employed in call centers and information technology departments. Although most of these technicians have some level of training and certification, more highly-trained professionals are also offering managed services. These professionals are usually hired by large companies or highly-staffed offices. They usually work as part of a large network which can include thousands of computers in different locations which needs to be maintained and troubleshoot for a company’s productivity and efficiency.

For large corporations and offices, there are Managed Computer Support specialists who are stationed in office buildings. A variety of hardware, software and peripheral devices are provided to servers that are located in different parts of the building. The services are usually offered on a contractual basis. Companies that purchase these services from a technician are usually given the facility of maintaining their equipment at the company’s site until the agreed upon time. The technician also provides maintenance services for specific computers that are located in different parts of the building. This includes maintenance of Microsoft Exchange servers, Westwood One printer machines, integrated printers, fax machines, network servers and any other electronic or computer-based equipment which requires servicing.

Some of the companies that often use this service include: the U.S. military, banking institutions, hospitals, universities, credit card companies, educational institutions, real estate brokers and insurance companies. The number of companies providing this type of managed services has increased dramatically over the past decade. In addition to servicing a wide range of computers, companies may also provide help with installation, repair, upgrades and other related services to computers and other peripherals. The Managed Computer Support contracts vary greatly depending on the volume of support that is required, as well as the type of computers being serviced.

Managed Computer Support Vendors

Some of the large Managed Computer Support vendors include: Managed Systems, Inc., Managed Solutions, Inc., Ctrack Systems, Fair Isaac, Inc., Atlas Technical Services and Western Washington Software. Some of the smaller vendors include: Allsafe Inc., Access Communication Inc., Atlantic Information Systems Inc.,alo Agricultural, ARM Group Inc., Blu-ray Inc., Brillion Engineering Co., CMSI (Computer Support Services of Ohio), Coronet Inc., Dialysis Medical Inc., E-Net, Inc., First Data, Inc., I-Phone, Inc., iRobot, Krome, Medtronic Inc., Net IQ, Inc., NetScape Inc., Netting Northwest, Philsomax, SmartNet, Security Consulting Technologies, Themis Ltd., Thawte Inc., Unverify Inc., Xerox Corp., and ZANTA.

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